Essay on Ghana's Agriculture Sector

Essay on Ghana's Agriculture Sector

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The agriculture sector is an important asset for Ghana’s economy. It accounts for one-third of gross domestic product (GDP), and provides over 55% of the population’s jobs (Ghana Agriculture). Ghana’s climate is tropical; warm and dry along the southeast coast; hot and humid in the southwest, and hot and dry in the north. The terrain is mostly low plains with divided plateau in the south-central area. The overall percentage of land use is 17.54% of arable land and 9.22% of permanent crops. Environmental current issues in Ghana are deforestation, overgrazing, soil erosion, droughts, water pollution, and inadequate supplies of potable water. However, this country is capable of producing a variety of crops consisting of mangos, grains, oil palms, pineapples, cocoa, and kola nut (Ghana).
Ghana’s first President, Kwane Nkrumah, during his presence in office in 1952 to 1966, attempted to use the agriculture sector as a foundation to increasing Ghana’s economy, but the agriculture output had fallen. Since then, the sector was consistently decreasing. In the late 1960s, the commodity prices and the food production had fallen. By 1983, Ghana’s export crop production had reached an all time low due to the country’s drought. During the year of 1984, the government then decided to begin the Economic Recovery Program, to reduce Ghana’s debt and improve their position in the global economy (Ghana Agriculture).
Despite Ghana’s previously failure, the agriculture sector was once again identified as a great opportunity on the basis for industrialization to increase economic growth. The government soon began to invest grants and loans to repair and improve transportation and distribution infrastructure serving export crops, and developing spe...

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...for thousands of people, giving them something to live for or to experience a decent living, versus starving not knowing when the next time they will eat, not wearing the proper clothing, or having a safe home with clean water to drink. In addition to, Ghana being capable of dominating crops such as pineapples and being the main provider for the world. To be able to create jobs, dominate any crops in the world, and decrease poverty among the Ghanaians, is success for Ghana. Ghana’s GDP certainly has significant changes, but there is potential for improvement to increase economic and production growth which is what GDP stands for.
In international business, an entrepreneur should be an all around humanitarian person who help offer solutions to the hardships of poverty out of kindness, dedication, and sympathy as well as maximizing profits for personal and business.

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