Causes Of Poverty In Ghana

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Accra, the capital of the beautiful and welcoming nation Ghana, is located in West Africa, West Africa’s Gulf of Guinea. It is known for its wildlife, beauteous attractions, and richness in gold and secluded beaches. Ghana also known as the “Gold Coast,” gained their independence on March 6th 1957 from the British. The nation was led to independence by the first president Kwame Nkrumah, who altered the country to a republic. Ghana continues to grow each day as a nation, Though Ghana is growing each day they face many economic and social problems, such as poverty, health issues, education, corruption, and economic challenges. Poverty is the state of being extremely poor, or when people are living in deprivation of food, water and or shelter. …show more content…

A large amount of people in poverty live on the streets of Ghana. The economy is steadily increasing about 7 percent each year. Poverty continues to be a consistent problem in specific areas of Ghana. The poverty rate in urban areas at 10.6 percent is nothing related to 37.9 percent in rural areas. Almost four million children continue to live below the poverty line, and the poverty reduction is not keeping up with the population growth. The population in Ghana is 28.21 million. A child in Ghana is about 40 percent more likely to be in poverty than a Ghanaian adult. The main causes of poverty in Ghana are lack of education, poor environment, bad character or morals, ignorance, greed and selfishness. Poverty in Ghana is also politically, culturally, and religiously driven. At least 45 percent of the population in Ghana lives on less than $1.25 a day. The highest proportion of food in households is in the upper east region, where 27 percent of households are at risk of hunger. Many of the major …show more content…

The inequality of genders is a factor to the issue of poverty. Many nations are trying their best to fix the issue of gender inequality. Gender inequality is very visible in the primary and secondary levels of education in Ghana. The amount of boys always tends to outnumber the girls. Due to the fact that many women do not have any educational background, they either end up trading or get engaged in agriculture activity. In sub-Saharan Africa, women are barely recognized in issues that are non-agriculture. About 64% of women are mainly employed in the agriculture sector. The low employment level of women makes poverty a stronghold in the household of women. Women tend to not get enough income to support themselves and their families, especially when they are single parents or the man is unemployed. Women also tend to face low employment rates, and those with a good education, who have the chance of being employed, rarely get the opportunity. The women who are lucky enough to get employed are rarely promoted due to their

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