Fair Trade Case Study

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Fair Trade What is fair trade? Fair Trade is an organization that helps certify farmers get the right amount of money for their products. It was founded in 1992, the headquarters is in London, England, UK. Fair trade is a non profitable organisation. Without Fair Trade; the shops and the investors will get profit but the farmer won't. Fair Trade helps the farmers have a safe vision of the amount of profits they will get. LEDC Fair How Does It Help In places like Africa and Brazil where they grow cocoa beans the economy is very unstable and without the help of fair trade the farms don't get enough money to sustain them self. Such as the average age for cocoa farming is 45-50 and more and more people are looking for other jobs because the…show more content…
At the end of 2014, 129 small farmers organizations in 20 countries held a certificate to produce and sell Fairtrade cocoa. Helping representing 179,800 small-scale farmers. Sales weight of Fairtrade cocoa grew to 70,600 tonnes in 2013-14, year-on-year increase by 17%. These sales include a Fairtrade Premium of $200 per tonne for farmers, this helps them to invest in their businesses or local community. In 2013-14, cocoa organizations received £8.4 million in Premiums. Which 37% was invested in various projects and programs to improve productivity and quality. The Premium is also invested in community programs such as schools (Côte D’Ivoire has only around a 50% literacy rate), medical centers and clean running water. Read more about the investments made by cocoa farmers with the Fairtrade Premium in this recount.” Farmers in the 85,000-strong Fairtrade certified Kuapa Kokoo cooperative in Ghana have spent their premium on building wells for drinking water, building public toilets, and a mobile clinic to visit member’s
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