Flowers Fire And Ice Alongside Related Text The Hunger Games Novel Essay

Flowers Fire And Ice Alongside Related Text The Hunger Games Novel Essay

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It can be said that the process of discovery encourages people to discover new ideas and gain new perspectives, as well as rediscover previous knowledge and reinterpret experience from past events and situations. In the poems The Tuft Of Flowers Fire and Ice alongside the related text The Hunger Games novel, we are able to connect both the persona’s of each text with this concept of discovery. The use of techniques as well as key events and aspects of these texts will go hand in hand with the connections between The human nature of each persona as well as their connections to nature itself, promoting the concept of uncovering what is hidden and reconsidering what is known, enabling great success and growth for each persona.

Within the text The Tuft Of Flowers, the persona of the text is able to gain a newfound perspective of the world around him and interprets signs and symbols from nature, leading him to a sense of relief as he creates this inanimate bondage between himself and a unknown worker. The use of personification and imagery within the lines “The butterfly and I had lit upon, Nevertheless, a message from the dawn” and “That made me hear the wakening birds around and hear his long scythe whispering to the ground” can be used to highlight the strong connection between the persona and his surroundings, leading to his rediscovery of fulfillment that nature can bring, which is essential for the narrator 's discovery process within the text.

Not only is the persona encouraged to rediscover various aspects of life within the text, but he is enabled to discover new ideas which contribute to his newfound confidence in humanity. A strong bondage between the persona and a fellow worker who happens to be within long distances of t...

... middle of paper ...

...process of discovery involves both discovering what is unknown as well as rediscovering what is known in order for individuals to broaden their knowledge and change their perspectives. These ideas can be seen when considering the links between our surroundings and difficult situations as well as the part human nature plays within the discovery process. Each persona in The Tuft Of Flowers, Fire and Ice and The Hunger Games each face various situations and problems which enable themselves to uncover what is hidden and reconsider what is known in order to work towards a solution resulting in positive outcomes for each persona. Although each main character possesses differing morals, attitudes and ideas, they all evolve and transform themselves through this common discovery process whilst considering human nature and their surroundings, leading to successful conclusions.

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