The Hunger Games: Annotated Bibliography

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Yamato, Jen. Burning Questions.“The Hunger Games and Real World Parallels: “Can kids all become Katniss Everdeen”. Movie Line. March 13, 2012. Web. May 04, 2012

This article in a whole went into depth on can kids be like Katniss in their behavior? The article also compared the government of in the Hunger Games to the government in reality. Kids are already showing signs of sci-fi behavior. The movie and the book can influence the generation greatly. The Hunger Games can motivate kids to become rebels of this generation.

Rees Brennan, Sarah. “Why so hungry for the Hunger Games”. Hunger Games Down with the Capitol. Web. May 04, 2012

This article talked about the fascination of reality vs. illusion. The article examined the media’s current fascination manufactured reality. The article said “in our modern world where every channel seems to have its own version of a reality show, we are inundated with the media’s version of what is real. There is a reason why there are so many of these shows on the airwaves, and that is viewers can’t seem to get enough of them.” The article also talks about how the hunger games draws the children.

Rea, Steven Rea. “The Hunger Games: A fantasy film reflecting reality”. Inquirer Movie Critic. March 18, 2012. Web. May 04, 2012.

This article compares Katniss to Harry Potter and Bella Swan. It says the Hunger Games has a rougher plot than the Harry Potter series. The article asked “You can't help but think, if I were in that situation,...

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...ts and 'The Hunger Games'.Action Institute . Retrieved January 30, 2012, from

This web article talks about the different religious imagery used in The Hunger Games but also draws attending to how there is no direct reference to God, Christ or any religion of any kind within the series.

Clawson, J. (2012, March 20). The Hunger Games: An Allegory of Christian Love. Huffington Post. Retrieved March 23, 2013, from

Information from this site will be beneficial when explaining the reference of love as a way to combat evil. This theme is quite strong throughout the series.

Collins, Suzanne. The Hunger Games. New York: Scholastic Inc., 2008.

This site gave me the names of the actors.
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