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  • Moana Discovery

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    creating new perspectives and understandings, causing us to question our abilities and focus on our future. The film Moana, directed by John Musker and Ron Clements, explores this through the emotional and spiritual self-discovery of the main character, Moana. Her spiritual discovery is most prominent, as she conflicts between the views of her family and her ancestors, wanting to follow her culture and destiny but also wanting to protect her people. During the opening, the Ocean presents a young Moana

  • The Importance of Dinosaur Discoveries

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    The Importance of Dinosaur Discoveries When a paleontologist makes a discovery about Dinosaurs it is usually a celebrated event and will appear on all sorts of covers of magazines and even newspapers, with good reason. These discoveries are often quite exciting for a few reasons. The whole experience of finding a fossil that is hundreds of millions of years old is quite an adrenaline rush, but the fact that each discovery has the ability to answer questions in relation to evolution is quite

  • The Discovery of X-Rays

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    The Discovery of X-Rays X-rays were discovered by accident in 1895 by the German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen. Roentgen was already an accomplished scientist with forty-eight published papers. He had a reputation among the scientific community as a dedicated scientist with precise experimental methods. Roentgen had been conducting experiments at the University of Wurzburg on the effect of cathode-rays on the luminescence of certain chemicals. Roentgen had placed a cathode-ray tube, which

  • Sacagawea & The Corps of Discovery

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    Sacagawea & The Corps of Discovery When you open up a book and read about the Lewis and Clark expedition, it is likely that you are going to read about a woman named Sacagawea. But who exactly is Sacagawea? In about 1788, Sacagawea was born in the Lemhi-River Valley in present day Idaho. For the following twelve years, she grew up as a Shoshone child. Although everyone got along with each other, every person in the community had a responsibility. Children were expected to work hard and taught

  • The Age of Discovery of Elements

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    The Age of Discovery of Elements "The nineteenth century was the golden age for the discovery of elements. Scientists began to look for patterns of behaviour between elements."*1 Johann Döbereiner, a German chemist, was the first to attempt to categorise the elements. He used their atomic weights, which we now know as atomic masses. In 1863, John Newlands, produced something that he called the 'Law of Octaves'

  • The Cosquer Cave Discovery

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    The Cosquer Cave Discovery A long, long time ago, 27,000 years ago to be exact, during the glacial period, glaciers over a kilometer deep spanned the country of France from the Alps to the Haute Provence. These glaciers held so much water that they caused the sea level in the Mediterranean Sea to drop well over 100 meters. Prehistoric humans found the entrance to Cosquer cave not far from the seashore and some entered to paint inside it. During this time, men created wonderful pictures on

  • Essay On The Discovery Of The Electron

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    The Discovery Of The Electron      The electron was discovered in 1895 by J.J. Thomson in the form of cathode rays, and was the first elementary particle to be identified. The electron is the lightest known particle which possesses an electric charge. Its rest mass is Me <approximately equal> 9.1 x 10 -28 g, about 1/1836 of the mass of the proton or neutron.      The charge of the electron is -e = -4.8 x 10^-10 esu <elec trostatic unit)

  • The Discovery of Amerigo Vespucci

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    The Discovery of Amerigo Vespucci Who was Amerigo Vespucci? This is a question I asked myself as I was researching the man credited with the discovery of the new world. Much information has been written about Christopher Columbus and very little about Amerigo Vespucci. To understand who Amerigo Vespucci was is to look at his life and times in that time period. This paper is an attempt to look at his history and try to get a better understanding of his life in the “Age of Discovery”. To have

  • Discovery Through Dance

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    Discovery Through Dance Movies with dancing have always been a big success, simply because they cause people to want to move and be free like the actors on the set. Dirty Dancing, directed by Emile Ardolino, is a movie that makes people want to jump into the screen and be a part of the show. It is a favorite among teenage girls simply because of the kind of dancing that is performed. Another movie, Save the Last Dance, directed by Thomas Carter, is also well liked by teenage girls because of

  • Self Discovery

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    Self Discovery “What are you going to do after you get your degree?”Whenever I announce my occupation, this trite, well-intentioned question never fails to follow. I am a student, a senior at Metro, studying Literature and History. Not only a student, I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and female. No, I don’t bring in a paycheck, but my life is fulfilling, gratifying, deserving and challenging. Will I teach, write, join the downtown business crew again, or become a clerk in the bookstore

  • The Power Of Discovery In Shakespeare's The Tempest

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    The process of discovery encompasses the experiences of realising something new, lost or concealed. This can invoke a range of emotions for those involved and for broader society in the process, often challenging long standing beliefs and ideas possessed by the individual, thus prompting a renewed world view. The power of discovery to transform lives in a variety of ways, is evident in Shakespeare’s play The Tempest (1611), which explores how the discovery of the hardships of others can influence

  • The Discovery of Dinosaur Fossils in Antarctica

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    The Discovery of Dinosaur Fossils in Antarctica While working in Antarctica, two separate research teams with hundreds of miles between them each made astounding discoveries. They discovered dinosaur fossils. Antarctica has been home to many other dinosaur fossil finds but what was so special about these fossils is that they were from an unknown species of dinosaurs. Really what the discovery compliments is that the discovery of these fossils encourages the theory of plate tectonics and continental

  • The Discovery of DNA’s Molecular Structure

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    theories, but because these frameworks subsequently became important in developing a theory for the molecular structure of DNA. The inductivist account of science recognizes five steps that are essential to scientific progress, and consequently, the discovery of the molecular structure of DNA. First, scientists compile a large body of facts from observation and experiment. Using the principle of induction, these facts can, often with severe logical difficulties, be generalized to form the basis for a

  • Discovery of the Dinosaur with the Fossilized Heart

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    Discovery of the Dinosaur with the Fossilized Heart Dinosaur fossils are one of the few ways in which scientists can study the history of life on earth millions of years ago. Each new discovery is unique in its own way and provides valuable information about the past. No two finds are exactly identical; therefore, when dinosaur remains are uncovered, the possibility and excitement of new information or even a new species exists. Until the year 2000, no dinosaur has ever been found with a

  • Antiseptic Discoveries of the Nineteenth Century

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    scientific observation and experimentation. Although I do feel that Semmelweis has not received the recognition he deserves, I still believe that all three men, Semmelweis, Pasteur and Lister, were revolutionary scientists whose world-changing discoveries will not soon be forgotten. WORKS CITED Angel, Ann, and Beverly Birch. Louis Pasteur: People Who Made a Difference. Milwaukee: Gareth Stevens, 1992. Francoeur, Jason R. “Joseph Lister: Surgeon Scientist (1827-1912).” Journal of Investigative

  • Lord Of The Flies - Discovery

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    Of Flies( The Importance of self-discovery) 1Human should understand the importance of self-discovery. In the Lord of the Flies, Ralph, Simon and Samneric learned the weaknesses and darkness within the human hearts. People grows up when they faces a challenge. Ralph ‘s challenge is how to be a good and responsible leader. Simon’s challenge is how to speak at front of people. Samneric’s challenge is how to make right choice. The truth about self-discovery may be cruel, but it is worth to learn

  • A Series Of Quotations About Error And Discovery

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    Throughout history, we have come to significant inventions and discoveries that have influenced our lives greatly. It is obvious that these inventions and discoveries occasionally occur at the cost of making major mistakes, but are they always worth it? Errors can either lead to difficulties, and can also lead to development. So the real question is, “Are mistakes a key part of making discoveries and inventions?” Well, after gathering the facts, I think that mistakes are in fact a key part of discovering

  • Fossil Discoveries in Kansas

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    Fossil Discoveries in Kansas Did you know, in the state of Oklahoma it is against the law to either hunt or catch whales? Sounds sort of ridiculous when you think logically about it, but according to paleontologists it isn’t that far fetched. Over 65 million years ago Kansas, including the whole Midwest Region of North America from the Arctic Circle to the Gulf of Mexico, was covered by the Sea. Due to the continental uplifts of the mountain ranges in North America during the Pangaea stage

  • The Discovery of Paralititan Stomeri - A Giant Sauropod

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    The Discovery of Paralititan Stomeri - A Giant Sauropod In the scientific article “A giant sauropod dinosaur from an upper Cretaceous mangrove deposit in Egypt,” by Joshua Smith, Matthew Lamanna, Kenneth Lacovara, and Peter Dodson it is indicated that a giant sauropod named Paralititan Stomeri was discovered in a desert area in western Egypt in 2001. The skeleton was dated back to ninety to one hundred million years ago, which is the late Cretaceous period. Paralititan is a sauropod, which is

  • Self-discovery in Siddhartha

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    Self-discovery in Siddhartha Siddhartha, the novel by Hermann Hesse is what can be included as one of the epitomes of allegorical literature.  This wondrous novel is focused on the tribulations of Siddhartha through his quest for inner peace. He started out as a young Brahmin's son always thirsting for more intellect and perspective in his life and from there on he endured many transitions.  Siddhartha let himself experience all forms of life in his society.  He unhesitatingly learned