Essay on Final Internship Report At The Kirkuk Global Llc

Essay on Final Internship Report At The Kirkuk Global Llc

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I joined the Kirkuk Global LLC on 26th May, 2015. Kirkuk Global, LLC an Illinois Limited Liability Company, having a place of business at Chicago. It is engineering and project management firm comprised of consultants, engineers and advisors. Edgar Montalvo, is the owner and Chief Executive officer of the company. He manages all the projects by assigning individual project managers and project managing consultants to each project. The company chooses to work with construction manager at risk, construction manager as an agent and design build project delivery methods. The company represents clients and also advises in procuring services from the contractors. My job role designation is “Project Management- Consultant” and I have to assist Kirkuk Global in areas specified in the internship agreement. After the initial orientation and training I was briefed about the two projects. Firstly, Guar Gum facility located in Vernon, Texas and Guar processing plant in Levelland, Texas. Currently, I am left with three more weeks of the program where I will be drafting construction manual.
Activities and Experiences: After setting up the company email and drop box accounts, I was explained about the nature of the work. I was assigned with two projects. Firstly, Guar Gum facility located in Vernon, Texas with South West Agriculture as the client. The project delivery chosen was CM (Construction Manager) at risk with Kirkuk Global LLC as construction manager. The other project is Processing Plant for guar seeds in Levelland, Texas for Kirkuk Global. The following are the activities where I played various roles which are described as follows: I have established Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for the Guar gum facility to ...

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... is utopian concept for any company to construct any scale of the project in three months, so I believe it would have been more learning in nature for longer duration. Secondly, I would also recommend mandating the internship course for the graduate students as I believe it is necessary to have practical understanding of the construction techniques with the theory. Also, as for the department requirement I completed the OSHA – 10hr (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) which reinforced my skills in implementing the safety skills on the project and also realize the importance of safety guidelines on the construction project. In conclusion, I had the exposure of the construction in United States and various techniques necessary to solve the problems involved in successful completion of the project which is satisfactory and enriching experience.

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