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Prior to the three days we spent discussing clinical and experimental internships, I had only a vague idea of what internships entailed. I had only briefly spoken with second-year graduate students about their experiences. Thus, I found the psychology professional forum, internship panel, and Dr. Northington’s presentation to be quite helpful. Likewise, all three events provided different insights regarding internships. I had not yet given much consideration to the pros and cons of each internship sites, the experiences that would be the most valuable and lastly, how my internship choice would impact my career path. As a student on the clinical-track, I think that I would benefit the most from (1) an internship site that requires a moderate amount of report writing (2) an internship site where I can help facilitate group therapy and possibly sit in on individual…show more content…
In particular, it was helpful to here from individuals on the panel that were graduates from our program. Elizabeth Cowart, a LPC at Transitions of Augusta, informed my classmates and I about about her personal internship experiences. She noted four key things (1) the importance of getting as much hands-on experience as possible (2) taking a mental note of the what you like and dislike at each internship site (3) using weekly supervision hours to discuss your areas of strengths and weaknesses and (4) remembering to always maintain a professional image. In addition, she also gave a brief overview of opportunities (e.g., adolescent group therapy, child and parent therapy, disability evaluations, etc.) that interns might have at Transitions of

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