Reflection Of A Look At The Hotel Industry

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The Hotel industry has become very important in the past years due to immense traveling and growth of international business. The Hotel industry not only plays an important role in the life of people but as well as the economy of the country. I spent an hour of my day relaxing in the lobby at the Fontainebleau resort in Miami, while on vacation with my family visiting from out of state. It was my first time staying at the resort so I was eager to check it out, after seeing such great reviews on Yelp and hearing great things from friends who have been there in the past. The employees working at the resort were very welcoming, professional and willing to go above and beyond to help their guests. The check-in process was very quick due to having…show more content…
I went up to the concierge moments later and asked if she had any recommendations for my family and I to eat dinner somewhere near the hotel that evening and she proceeded to give me many recommendations after asking me what kind of food I was looking for. I truly appreciate the time and effort she dedicated to help my family and I decide where to eat dinner that evening, since it was our first time there. We ended up going to a local seafood restaurant in the area and I thanked the young lady working at the concierge the next day before we left for such a great recommendation and she was thrilled to know she made a difference in our stay. The lobby was very high class and I was generally impressed by the hotel and it’s luxurious accommodations. The lobby had a nice, relaxing bar by the name of “Bleau Bar”, which was filled with quite a few businessman chatting having drinks. The furniture in the lobby was very antique, to convey the hotel’s French period theme and had beautiful chandeliers that were absolutely breathtaking to look…show more content…
It was a very nice waterfront restaurant featuring both indoor and outdoor seating. I read Yelp reviews before going and wasn’t sure exactly what to expect as some reviews were great whereas others were absolutely awful. I chose to sit outdoors due to the amazing weather and view the restaurant had to offer, along with live music. I went around noon and had to wait about five minutes for a table which wasn’t an issue but it took approximately ten minutes for a waiter to even come over to my table to offer me a drink, which in my opinion, is not great guest service. The service was overall very slow they were not very well organized and seemed very understaffed. My waiter was a very nice, young gentleman but was very uneducated when I proceeded to ask him a few questions about the menu and what he recommended to eat since it was my first time dining here. I ended up ordering the blackened salmon salad and it was pretty tasty but nothing really exceptional. I asked for a side of dressing and the waiter completely forgot about it and by the time he was reminded, I was already done and ready to get out of there. He apologized and offered me a free desert due to the poor service I was receiving and I decided to decline the offer and told him I’ll just take my check. There were many guests around me who have been waiting for

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