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Evaluation Of A Research Approach Essay

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A research approach is a plan that details the processes and procedures the researcher intends to follow when preparing his or her dissertation. This plan includes the assumptions from a broad range to more detailed methods on how to identify participants, collect and analyze data, finally how they intend to interpret and communicate their findings.
There are three approaches to research a) qualitative, b) quantitative and c) mixed methods. Once a method is selected the researcher has to determine how the research data will be collected. (Creswell, 2014) recommends presenting information about the steps involved in analyzing data. He further recommends to present them as a series as steps so that the reader can see how one step leads to another. In this paper, the qualitative design chart will be listed out in a similar easy to follow chart.
Qualitative Design Chart
There are several ways to prepare research data for discussion with your dissertation team, coach and review panel. Qualitative data are commonly used as a means to gather information on the informant’s participation and satisfaction. The process and decision to create a qualitative design chart takes a researcher closer to understanding the types of information that can be collected, based on each research design. By arranging information in an easy to follow chart, data types can be observed, and collection processes and how to collect the data can be clearly identified.
There are numerous methods to collect data, and the participant observation method of data collection involves observing a subject or subjects that you want to collect data. Observation data collection has several styles of researcher participation in this type of observationa...

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...ing accurate and honest collection remains paramount to a successful research project. The importance of ensuring accurate and appropriate data collection regardless of the field of study or the researchers’ preference for defining and collecting data, accurate data collection, safety of the data and defensively destroying unused or unwanted data is essential to maintaining the integrity of research.
In his paper (White, 2010) clearly emphasizes that even though Congress passed the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 in response to the growing threat of cyber warfare and the increasing importance of information security. He further goes on to state that, cyber attacks are not limited to those on critical infrastructure. Attacks can be used to gather classified intelligence on any data that resides on a computer system that can be easily compromised.

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