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Companies have transformed technology from a supporting tool into a strategic weapon.”(Davenport, 2006) In business research, technology has become an essential means that many organizations use in their daily operations. According to the article, Analytics is a major technological tool used. It is described as “the extensive use of data, statistical and quantitative analysis, explanatory and predictive models, and fact-based management to drive decisions and actions."(Davenport, 2006) Data is compiled to enhance business practices. When samples are taken, they are used to examine research and understand how to solve problems or why situations are as they are. Furthermore, in this article, Thomas Davenport discusses analytics from a business …show more content…

One of the first steps to becoming a competitor is the widespread use of modeling and optimization. Instead of following basic statistical information, it is wise to look for ways to enhance profitability. To become successful at this, organizations use both internal and external information retrieved from outside sources for a vivid understanding of their consumers. Secondly, an enterprise approach is necessary. Through this approach, employees become proactive at finding out what items or processes are effective. A good example would be of how the article talks about UPS’s approach for assessing problems,” The UPS Customer Intelligence Group, for example, is able to accurately predict customer defections by examining usage patterns and complaints. When the data point to a potential defector, a salesperson contacts that customer to review and resolve the problem, dramatically reducing the loss of accounts. UPS still lacks the breadth of initiatives of a full-bore analytics competitor, but it is heading in that direction.” (Davenport, 2006) Furthermore, help from senior executive advocates would be essential. With the cooperation of the CEO or top managing official setting the culture of the company, it would be in their best interest to influence others, according to their beliefs. For example, if the CEO or senior managing official is persuaded to proceed with a particular theory or idea, they would then be willing to share it with his fellow managers who would then incorporate it into the organizational

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that analytics is a major technological tool used in business research. data is used to enhance business practices, analyze research, and understand how to solve problems.
  • Explains how companies can become analytic competitors through various activities, such as modeling and optimization, and an enterprise approach.
  • Opines that the transformation requires a significant investment in technology, the accumulation of massive stores of data, and the formulation of companywide strategies for managing the data.
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