Ethics And The Health Education Essay

Ethics And The Health Education Essay

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Chapter 5 is about Ethics in the Health Education/ Promotion field, and goes over what is ethical and unethical in the work place. Ethics is the study of moralities and is one of the three major areas of philosophy. People should act ethically in life because it brings a meaning or purpose to the life an individual and it provides a better society for all of us. Ethics is very important in the work place such as in the Health education/promotion field because the deal with the lives of others. Ethics is described by using the words moral and morality, moral is the activity of making choices based on what you belief and morality sets standards fro the right and wrong in human behavior.
Professional Ethics is focused in the workplace and how an individual acts that are right and wrong when working. Many of the professional workplaces it is expected that employees behave in an ethical manner. Ethical behavior is really important in the health education industry, because they serve a mission to serve the people in a community. Health education/ promotion is a career with a lot of human i...

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