Ethics and the College Student

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Throughout history humans have needed and desired to be educated, whether it is how to hunt or how to design a state of the art hyper speed spacecraft. With that in mind there has also been ethical questions dealing with higher education or education in general. Within these pages some of those questions will be discussed. Take for instance online learning, what are some of the ethical dilemmas that may arise from going to college without actually going to college? Along with average student there is also a special breed called student-teachers. These are young men and women who are going to school to learn to teach others. They will spend a lifetime in school and will deal with the ethics of education in great detail. To top it all off the subject of relationships between students and their teachers will be touched on. What bad can possibly come from a relationship like that? That is a million dollar question there and Private Murphy is going to help answer that question and others in this paper. Wouldn’t it be a great thing to be able to go to college without having to sit in a class all day and listen to the dry eyes guy drone on about this or that? Maybe hold down a job, take care of 5 children and still further ones education to get that missing degree. With the advent of technology and the internet that has turned into reality. Life is good isn’t it? When taking classes online integrity must be a top characteristic for an individual. If integrity is not a value that is important than cheating or academic dishonesty is bound to become a problem. In a traditional class setting there is a professor or instructor present at all times. The instructor is physically present to give information about the subject to t... ... middle of paper ... ... Nobody will accept cheating from there students, especially a teacher who cheated to get where he is. And finally the problems that can occur from student teacher relations. A teacher can lose credibility or a job because of an immoral decision to have a fling with a student. Or on the other side by being friends and having a social life with a student, the teacher can also lose credibility. In the college world we face many decisions dealing with ethics and most strive to keep their integrity intake. Works Cited Barbella, L (2010). Hot for Teacher: The ethics and Intricacies of Student-Professor Relationships. DOI: 10.1007/s12119-010-9063-0 CSM Morris (personal communication, December 13, 2013) Pratt, L and Weiss, K (2007). The Ethical Educator: Integrating Ethics Within the Context of Teaching and Teacher Research. New York, NY: Peter Lang Publishing Inc

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