Teaching Morals and Ethics in Public Schools

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Teaching Morals and Ethics in Public Schools

I find myself disagreeing with Kozol and his statement that schools should be an institution where morals can be taught and developed. It is my belief that schools should not be held responsible for instilling morals and ethics into the minds of America's children. Of course, it is true that schools should instill and reinforce morals that are part of our everyday existence. Those of the Golden Rule, as well as the wrongs of death and destruction can be, not so much taught, rather restated in institutions of learning. It is my opinion, however, those morals should be taught in the home.

Most classrooms are made up of people of various religious and ethnic backgrounds. I t is impossible, therefore, to instill one set of beliefs into such a diverse group. Many people would argue that parents are away too much to raise their children to be moral beings. However, it is my belief that parents should be able to make time for instilling such beliefs. If you want to have a moral and ethical child, then you must work for it. Rather than sitting in front of the TV for 4 hours and then going to bed, parents must find time to speak to children about such issues.

I personally do not ever remember being introduced to the concept of God and of heaven. It wasn't as if my parents sat me down one day and explained these theological ideas to me. Merely by spending time with my parents, I was able to gain much perspective into their own morals and ethical patterns. It was, in fact, through schooling, and the facts that I was taught there, that I was able to expand on the ideals that I wished to achieve and model them more towards the world in which I was now living. If one were to ask a grown ...

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...with the fact that many people are unwilling to allow their children to be taught such things in a place that should be focusing on the classic three R's. The government made its stand on this issue through the separation of church and state. Not only were theological teachings left out of the school curriculum, but also, so were the morals that went along with these teachings.

This is how I feel the issue of teaching morals and ethics to today's children should be dealt with in America. There must be a complete overhaul of the school system we have in place, or a remarkable change of heart of many people whom have been fighting for centuries over minor differences in religious teachings. Otherwise, there will be no other way to ensure that children in America are growing up with a sense of values, which will allow them to make a difference in tomorrow's world.
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