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It is common to hear that young adults need guidance such as help throughout school, but what is less often heard is about the guidance needed by all humans. This particular guidance is known as ethics which is where the right and wrong of decisions is based upon moral principles. This set of moral principles plays a major role throughout the life of people. Many intellectual figures who has observed the art of being human such as some philosophers, sociologists, psychologists, and more are involved with ethics. Learning from these figures can really help understand the importance of ethics; some will preach the importance of ethics in people individually or in an entire society. Ethics is an aspect of being a modernized human and is a necessity for a magnitude of reasons.
Ethics is the environmental DNA; as DNA helps determine life in an ascribed respect, ethics helps determine the achieved life. According to a nonprofit teaching organization, Josephson Institute of Ethics, everything people say or do is by choice and will destine people's lives. The institute teaches that most difficult choices is triggered by ethical decision making. Basically, people's ethical thinking will affect the choices they make and their lives will be based on the choices. Examples of ethical choices can give a greater understanding of it's importance in people. Should an employee lie to his/her manager if it regards to him saving his career to support his family? Or should the employee tell the truth because it is him being honest? This scenario would be an example of ethical decision making, but the importance of it shows that ethics can destine someone's life. Many of the personal ethical decision making, such as saving a job or telli...

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...y an impact on himself/herself and on people close to their self. Ethics is important for a small group as it can, similar to ethics for an individual, decide the outcome of the group. Another major role ethics takes it's place in is in a society. A society sets rules and laws for people and institutions to abide by for the benefit of everyone involved. It is important for ethics in a society as people can use regulations based upon moral standards. Ethics is the guideline for human's to destine life in all respects.

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