Reflective Essay About Writing

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For me writing is one of my favorite things to do. I enjoy how you can write something and look back on it and see how well you have developed as a writer. At the beginning of the semester my writing was all over the place and it wasn’t written as well as I would have liked, however, I feel that my supporting sources was something that was good in my first essays. I had hoped to improve my organization and my introductions and conclusions. I feel that I really did improve with both my organization and my introductions and conclusions, before taking this class I was an average writer, which I wanted to improve. My organization in essay before this class wasn’t as good as it should have been as well as my introductions and conclusions. I had hoped to become an overall better writer after taking this class.
I feel that essay one was not my best essay, however I think that it is the
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However, it was also different from other essays I have written because I got to choose the topic and I haven’t ever got to choose the topic I wanted to write about. One thing that I learned from writing this essay was how to write a counterargument and rebuttal because I have never had to write one before. This essay helped me with all of my other essays regarding counterarguments and rebuttals. One thing that I will do different because of this essay is how I go about finding my resources. With essay two I had a little trouble finding credible sources, so I knew that this was something that I needed to work on. Another thing that I learned was to stare my audience. For this essay I had to directly say the name of my audience. This helped me as well with other essays. One thing that I was proud of in this essay was my reasons. I felt that my reasons were well thought out and also had support to them. I used the evidence from my sources to help me with my
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