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Although teachers utilize homework to reinforce lessons and other out-of-class activities, an argument is growing in which homework is on the losing side of the debate to remain within schools. Despite being a long-standing concept, a plethora of reasons to ban the process are being pushed more often now than ever before. One location in Tucson (Arizona), known as the Kino school is paving the way with its implemented ban on homework altogether. Within this location, students are given the right to decide what parts of school they want to take home. Amazingly, some kids are “continuing to write in journals, practicing music with their friends, and taking experiments home to show their parents.” (The Homework Debate) In addition, Kino graduates have written short stories relating to their experiences while exclaiming that “the early control over their education continues to serve them well into college.” (The Homework Debate) After reviewing both sides of the argument, experts believe that the right decision is to ban homework altogether.
Many reasons to ban homework have been coming up over recent years and it seems as if the start of each school year brings more to ban the long-dreaded process. Recently, an idea has been brought up introducing the fact that homework can create a resistance to school within poorer families that “don't have access to the cultural and emotional and learning support which middle-class children can get." (Teachers Call for a Ban on Homework) If children within less-privileged families cannot find out of school help for their misunderstandings, they will continue to not understand the topic introduced to them. Hence, they might start getting poorer grades on their test, discouraging them from contin...

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... getting rid of these tests all together while state tests are designed for underperformers within the state, rendering them useless to about 99% of the population.
In conclusion, homework should be abolished within school environments for the well-being of the general population. Schools, and students could benefit greatly from the elimination of homework within its society. Such facts are true because homework puts a strain on some families, poorer kids are unable to receive the same help as their wealthier peers, teachers don’t know how to assign proper assignments and a correlation does not exist between better grades and higher amounts of work. Due to the increase in valid reasons to eliminate homework within school districts, many locations are making the switch to a homework free society, creating a better world for students to grow up and become leaders in!

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