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In regards to my academic and career goals, I plan to attend a four year university and eventually medical school. After medical school, I hope to become an orthopedic surgeon through residency and specialize in sports medicine. My interest in sports medicine has developed through experiences such as observing my father’s ACL surgery, having an operation on a broken hand, and caring for my grandfather who had prostate cancer. I hope to contribute to the world of sports medicine through research, either on treatments for knee ligament tears or supplement breakthroughs. Additionally, this past summer I spent most of my time at the University of Pittsburgh Health Career Scholars Academy, where I was able to explore various science-related health professions through lectures and gain insight on the medical field. These experiences have secured my interest for healthcare and medicine. My primary short term goal is to get accepted to a well-respected university. Even though admission decisions are virtually out of my hands, I truly believe that I will utilize the resources to their full potential. Additionally, I plan to finish my high school semesters with all A’s (no “senioritis”) and use it to transition into the college course load. In essence, my short and long terms goals that relate are high performance in school and staying healthy. My performance in college cannot falter since I want to one day attend medical school. Moreover, I need to continue getting results to stand out and pushing myself against all odds to attain my career goals. As for maintaining my health in the long term, I do not want to be a healthcare professional that gives advice that is not personally followed. As a physician, I hope to be a role model by ex... ... middle of paper ... ...re comfortable writing for longer amounts of time, which lead to development in both my grammar and diction. Overall, I was fortunate to have the initiative to indulge myself in a subject matter that I was not comfortable with academically. In regards to the course, I believe I have experienced the greatest improvement in my willfulness to write. It is not a dreadful task anymore, and instead, a way to expressing my feelings and thoughts. This has helped my performance in all classes since it is now easy to explain my logic through my writing. Nevertheless, writing will always be a learning process. As I continue to learn more challenging and thought-provoking material, it has become just as difficult to defend my viewpoints in the most attentive way possible. However, I have made it a priority to continue working on expressing myself and thoughts through writing.

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