Becoming a World-Class Engineering Student

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A world-class engineering student, also known as an “expert learner,” is characterized by taking charge of their learning process, being active in their approach to learning, being motivated and disciplined as well as setting specific goals for themself. Becoming a world-class engineering student is a process that takes time and diligence. In order to become a world-class engineering student, I will have to identify where I stand currently in terms of goal setting, community building, academic development and personal development, where a world-class engineering student would be in each of those areas, and what I have to do in order to become a world-class engineering student. Goals give you something to measure yourself against and give you direction. Currently, my main goal is to graduate from East Carolina University with a bachelor’s degree of science in engineering with a concentration in biomedical engineering. My anticipated time to graduation is five years with a GPA of 3.5 or higher. Beyond getting my bachelor’s degree at East Carolina University, I would like to go to medical school and become a doctor focusing on prosthetics. In order to make my goals a reality, I will have to work diligently to remain on track throughout my schooling. Additional goals that I have set for myself are to complete homework assignments by the time they are due, reading assigned material before it is discussed in class, doing well in each of my courses this semester, successfully participating in extracurricular activities, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in engineering, getting a position as an engineer, and becoming a leader within both the engineering community and the general community. A world-class engineering student woul... ... middle of paper ... ...nciples of engineering; in doing so, they will aid in the protection of society by having a high standard of ethics, honesty, and integrity. In order to become a world-class engineering student, I will have to continue to be conscious of academic dishonest behavior, alerting my professors if I am witness to its occurrence and deterring myself from it, in addition to familiarizing myself with the professional ethical codes related to engineering as engineers are expected to exhibit these fundamental principles when fulfilling their professional duties. Works Cited Landis, Raymond B. Studying Engineering: A Road Map to a Rewarding Career. Los Angeles, CA: Discovery, 2013. Print. National Society of Professional Engineers. "NSPE Code of Ethics for Engineers." NSPE Code of Ethics for Engineers. National Society of Professional Engineers, July 2007. Web. 20 Nov. 2013.

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