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The introduction into Wayne Grudem’s Systematic theology is one that will set any beginner or novice up for success. He defines the definition what it is which is that Systematic theology is any study that answers the question, “What does the whole bible teach us today?” about any topic. Wayne defines how one should the applications of systematic theology which is one should study systematic theology in order that one grow, have a basic summary of Christian doctrine, and that one should not study doctrine for doctrines sake but should study theology in order to bring about spiritual growth and to grow and plant seeds of hope, enlighten on heavy theological subjects and educate people in other religious sects. I enjoy how Doctor Grudem explains how one should treat all relevant bible passages when studying and that one has to be willing to concede to fact that a person’s way of thinking could be very well wrong on a subject or that there is more to study in depth when studying systematic theology; by definition the adjective systematic implies that this book will very organized in nature, topic etc. A simple bible study on one’s own accord will only have so much depth, and to me it make’s total sense to be compelled to read a collection of data organized and studied by a professor or doctor in order to grow in maturity and understanding, it is humbling and one should have the humility in their heart in order to admit they lack total understanding of the bible and that one will never have or in my opinion be able to ingest all the information in the bible, it is not by as Wayne defines as, “ Conservative evangelical Tradition” or any human authority, but one’s openness to the spirit through discernment ... ... middle of paper ... ...urselves and others what the whole bible says, it is necessary to collect and summarize all the scriptures passages on a particular subject. Lastly Doctor Grudem summarizes how a Christian should proceed and how a student of systematic theology should proceed forward into the book, it is also important to note these should become foundational elements that any student of the word of God should apply into their foundational spiritual infrastructure: We Should study Systematic theology with prayer, We have to study Systematic theology with humbleness, We need to study Systematic theology with Reason We should study systematic theology with help from others, We should study systematic theology by compiling and coming to knowledge of all the relevant passages of scripture on any topic, and We should study systematic theology with rejoicing and praise.

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