Social Awarness in Writing

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People are always in a haste when they try to express their feelings verbally, however, in the case of writing those feelings, it becomes a challenge. It takes practice and commitment to improve ones writing; with this class I have been able to do so. Through this class, I have learned skills on how to properly express those feelings. In addition, this class was a big transition from high school, however, it has helped me to improve my writing skills. Even though I have improved, I still have weaknesses that I would hope to improve on in EN 102. However, overall this course not only improved my writing skills but my social awareness.
The biggest improvement I have made in this course would be my passion to write again. Prior to this class, writing was a hobby that I would do as a last resort. I was intrigued with it, however, it was not passion. For years I believed my writing was not good enough because I could not properly express my thought process in a manor of which others could comprehend; I believed my writing was very weak. In the beginning of this class, the reason I was late for many papers is because I did not want to hand an assignment that demonstrate my lack of writing abilities. However, as the class progressed and I continued to complete the assignments, the more confident I became in my writing. Moreover, the way I have grown as a writer is becoming more confident within the words I wrote.
I was more confident in my writing because I learned to improve my writing by making outline prior to beginning a paper. Without an outline, I would lose track of my thoughts, I would ramble and make common mistakes; it would be catastrophic. The purpose of an outline is similar to having d...

... middle of paper ...

...ize mistake to correct them.
Overall writing still takes me on a journey I enjoy traveling on because it is a world of the unknown, until you the writer creates it’s image. Through this course, I have gain my love for writing again. Even the simple writing assignments in this course enticed me to write in a way to bring my audience on the journey I went on while completing this assignment. Outline are my road maps in successfully completing an assignment because they help me to navigate and organize my thoughts. Although I have an outline to guide me through my thought process, grammar usage is a hindrance, which is what I wish to improve on in EN 102 by rebuilding my knowledge of grammar from scratch. Hopefully when I am ready to complete the College Writing Exam, I will have mastered the essential skills of writing and be prepared to continue my college career.
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