Zero Policy Ethics Case Study

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In today’s world with organizations continually growing more international as businesses evolve having ethical employees is essential. Zero Policy ethics policies are in place to help keep employees focused on goals and to help every employee be more ethically aware of their own actions. Companies depend on employees to do the ethical choice, “The negative publicity that’s generated from a high-profile incident can become a nightmare” (Greengard, 1999).

Codes of ethics, which govern decision-making, and codes of conduct, which govern actions, represent two of the most common ways that companies self-regulate, “A code of conduct expands on the moral principles embodied in a code of ethics”. The code of conduct should be the core of any zero
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Siemens management and leadership had no accountability at all, some rightfully being jailed, “Siemens employees channeled payments to government officials, primarily in developing countries, in order to secure contracts. For example, Siemens paid as much as $60 million in bribes to win the right to produce Argentina’s national identity cards, $20 million to build power plants in Israel, $14 Million to construct rail lines in Venezuela”. Siemens was ran like this for many years, “in 2007 Peter Loscher was appointed as the new CEO with the mission of rooting out corruption at Siemens and restoring the company’s reputation”. Loscher created a “Zero-tolerance policy” the approach was very simple, “From day one what I have clearly communicated to everyone is that we have a zero-tolerance policy that there is absolutely no grey zone and that Siemens stands for clean business everyone at all times” (Johnson,…show more content…
356). Additional changes that would benefit would be yearly trainings that are mandatory for every employee to revisit and refresh on the company overview, purpose, goals and code of conduct, progress and goals as a whole and a employee recondition program to acknowledge outstanding employees, while adding in team building to increase the trust and communication between
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