Howard Gardner's Five Minds

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In order to transform perception businesses need to restore relationships with their customers, employees, and other stakeholders. According to Howard Gardner, a Harvard University psychologist, individuals need to use a combination of their five minds. These minds include the disciplined mind, synthesizing mind, creating mind, respectful mind, and the ethical mind. The five minds need to be cultivated if we are to thrive as individuals, members of a community, and as human beings (Gardner 2007). The discipline mind is what we obtain through applying ourselves in a disciplined way. To do anything well we need discipline (McLemore 2003). The synthesizing mind helps us analyze a wide range of sources, decide what is important and need attention, while intertwine his information together in a coherent fashion for oneself and others (Gardner 2007). In a world where people are swamped with information, the key is what to study and what information to…show more content…
In 2007, famed psychologist Howard Gardner was interviewed by Fryer (2007) to discuss this topic in detail. As is common knowledge, to say that trust between corporations and the public is feigning would be an understatement with unethical behaviors being perceived as the status quo thanks to the calamity of scandal plaguing Corporate America. Howard Gardner feels that with the pressure for employees and management to succeed at all costs in today’s ultra-competitive market-place, it can be easy to lose one’s way if they do not hold what he calls the ethical mind, helping people to make morally sound choices especially in work involving entities, colleagues and society as a whole (Fryer, 2007). This also serves as the author’s definition of ethics: To make morally sound choices regardless of influence of pressures or consequence even at the risk of forced resignation or involuntary termination (Fryer,
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