Why the Major Cities of Britain were Bombed by the Germans in 1940

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Why the Major Cities of Britain were Bombed by the Germans in 1940

Germany and Britain fought a battle from August to September called

Battle of Britain. This fight was for control over skies. There were

four major battles in battle of Britain in which Britain won. After

being defeated by Britain, Germans knew that they would not be able to

invade Britain, so they began to attack it in different ways and

adopted new tactics. They knew that if they carry their troops and

tanks on ships R.A.F (Royal Air Force) of Britain would destroy them

and sink their ships. So, they decided to destroy R.A.F first. They

not only planned to destroy R.A.F but also Britain's economy and its

war effort by destroying its factories. Factories were the main

economy of Britain so for destroying its economy, they bombed them.


They also knew that Britain would do its level best to keep them away

from their colonies so as to maintain their empire. So Germany tried

to frighten Britain and desperately changed their tactics to create

fear and panic among people.


They attacked the docks in London so as to stop supplies of food being

brought into Britain. They started bombing its main towns and cities.

The most affected towns by German bombing were Coventry, Glasgow, and

East end. In all, Germans killed over 60,000 people due to air raids

and they destroyed over 250,000 houses, so that people loose their

morale and hope and government surrender itself in front of German



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they knew that some good would come out of it at the end of the war.

Another reason to suggest that these people were brave and united is

that there were a lot of volunteer groups. These people were not paid

they just genuinely wanted to help others. There were people who

joined the ARP, they made sure that people were safe at night and made

sure that people obeyed the blackout regulations. There were The AFS,

The Auxiliary Fire Service who were volunteers who supported the Fire

Service. These people risked there lives to help and save others.

So, Overall I cannot properly say that whether I agree with the

statement or not because people did carry on with their lives and were

brave and united but there were also cases of people being

self-centred and not caring about how their actions will affect