Why Married Couples Drift Apart After Marriage Essay

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In today’s world, divorce rates are increasing as marriages drift away day by day. Most marriages are in trouble, and many marriages go through a lot of dissatisfaction in their homes and unions. The rising trends of divorce rates are worrying, and marriage and relationship coaches have got different reasons to explain the issue affecting unions. However, there are some few happy marriages of happy couples. Today, many youths are afraid of getting married for fear of marriage troubles and family break-up. The fact is that no one gets married with the aim to put an end to it soon now or later. The bitter question that both married and divorced couples and have not ask themselves is, “why married couples drift apart after marriage?” That is why this essay endeavors to look into some of the reasons that lead to dissatisfaction in marriages that could lead to divorce, and to prove that divorce is not the cheapest mean to put an end to troubled marriage.
Communication is considered as one of the most important aspects of any relationship. As location is very important to real estate, so as communication in marriage.
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Couples should at least spare some time every day to have some private talk. A happy couple spends some quality time with each other each day; this helps to solidify their union and make it firmer. When couples forgo their own quality time for other family or job-related activities, intimacy level goes down. A marriage will lose it strong foundation and fall apart if couples did not choose their upper habits as their best friends. A happy and healthy relationship needs both physical and emotional intimacy. Both types of intimacy complement the other; therefore, physical intimacy cannot be enjoyed when there is low or no emotional intimacy. Spending time with each other strengthens the emotional bond; this results in a strong physical bond as
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