The High Divorce Rate in the United States

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The High Divorce Rate in the United States Marriage is a commitment that seems to be getting harder to keep. The social standards placed on an individual by society and influenced by the media inevitably lead some to consider divorce as a “quick-fix” option. “Have it your way” has become a motto in the United States. It has become a country without any consideration of the psychological effects of marriage and divorce. The overwhelmingly high divorce rate is caused by a lack of moral beliefs and marital expectations. Divorce can be caused by problems such as drugs, adultery, abuse, and money. The United States is a fast-paced country with little to no time to spend on the basic family values it was founded upon. Jobs are more demanding, kids are spending most of their time with people other than their parents, and the economy drains marriages by causing worry and stress. The foundation upon which marriage was built has been shaken. Divorces are easy to obtain in the United States but the decision needs to be carefully examined. According to statistics, “divorce makes sense in the 10 percent to 15 percent of troubled marriages that involve high-level and persistent conflict with severe abuse and physical violence” (Dafoe 1). In the other 85 to 90 percent of marriages, the marriage can and should be reconciled. Many couples simply take the easy way out, find a lawyer, and end the marriage without ever trying to examine whether or not a conclusion can be reached other than divorce. There was a time when women typically maintained the home and raised children while the husbands were the sole bread-winners for the family finances. However, times have changed and so have women’s rights and expectations for divorce, education, an... ... middle of paper ... ...on of hardship, from adults to children, and therefore cannot be viewed as a morally neutral act” (Dafoe 1). “Until death do us part” is a strong phrase and is not to be taken lightly. Death of a marriage is inevitable when a couple cannot reconcile its differences. The end of the marriage affects the whole family, which eventually affects society. A person who chooses divorce will need to make this decision with these things in mind. For me, divorce was against my moral belief even though it was necessary to continue raising my children. They can grow up with peace and an understanding of what a marriage can be, and what it should not be. Works Cited Spohn, William C., and Barbara Dafoe Whitehead. "The American Myth of Divorce." Santa Clara University - Welcome. Web. 21 Feb. 2011. .

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