Persuasive Essay About Relationships

While we all grow up there are always gonna be new people we meet and create relationships with. Some people you may not get along with, but some can end up evolving into a best friend or romantic partner. Building relationships helps people grow socially and positively to be the people they turn out to be. In relationships we find out what love, physical contact, emotional support and acceptance really is. People strive for these interpersonal relationships to make sense of life through trust, caring and sharing. When I was in high school my best friend Ashley was boy crazy. She thought every guy she saw was so handsome. She met so many different people in high school, but she became really close with this boy, Aaron, who she liked that…show more content…
During the repair stage they used some repair tactics like wanting to improve their communication by letting one another know immediately when something was wrong instead of waiting and holding it in. They really thought they were meant to be and that they needed to figure out a way to make this relationship work and be better. Sadly, there was a termination stage for their relationship after a year more of trying to work it all out. There was a passing away because they weren 't able to see each other everyday like Trevor wanted to because of Ashley 's work schedule and Ashley also kept making up excuses not to see him because she didn 't want to be around his family. Deescalation was the termination strategies used because Ashley still liked Trevor, but more as a friend than a romantic partner. They did have a reconciliation which was mutual interaction since it was a mutual breakup because Trevor felt Ashley 's nonverbal communication, but still wanted to remain friends with her. They had a great relationship that lasted four years, but sadly they weren 't the ones for each other in the end.
Relationships need communication in order to work because if not there is no way one could work. In order to build a relationship communication is needed to meet someone and to continue the relationship it is also needed. Communication helps us let one another know how we are feeling or what we want to change. It is a way of growing and helping people through life and getting to know yourself and how communicating can solve issues that are going on between
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