Why Is Shakespeare Still Relevant Today

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Welcome ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls to the annual William Shakespeare Schools Festival.
Even though that Shakespeare influenced the world over 400 years ago, his stories, sonnets and plays are all still relevant today. But why are William Shakespeare still so relevant today? It’s the idea and the issues that that Shakespeare addresses that constantly draw people towards him. Shakespeare had a very rare, but good, understanding of the daily situations and the many different emotions that human go through, which are portrayed in his characters.
Shakespeare has created stories that are so powerful, emotional, comedic, tragic and romantic that they are still continuously remembered and studied in the modern era. Though the essence of his talents does not lie in the simple themes behind his plays, but more so in …show more content…

Many remakes have been made of Shakespeare’s originals, with many modern day versions to express new views and interpretations on the story. Romeo is a persistent romancer and flirt rather than a lover faithful until death. Hamlet is an uncertain over thinker, and Lady Macbeth, in the public press, is an ambitious female politician who will stop at nothing to gain her own ends. However, these appropriate changes to the characters and stories, put an interesting interpretation on the modern life.
Shakespeare has formed many of the ideas about human character, about individuality and selfhood, about government, about men and women, youth and age, about the qualities that make a strong leader. These ideas are also seen in the realms outside of theatre and literature. Psychology, sociology, political theory, business, medicine and law, have all recongnised that Shakespeare is the founder and the forerunner of the important groups and practices in these fields. In this sense, Shakespeare has made the modern world in more ways than

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