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    The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark aka Hamlet is a tragic play written by William Shakespeare. It comprises 30,577 words and is the longest play that Shakepeare has ever written. The story revolves around Prince Hamlet’s descent into madness as he harbors murderous revenge against his uncle for killing his father. It is said to have been written between 1599 to 1601.

    The Story of Hamlet

    The play follows a five act structure. Act 1 opens with King Claudius taking over the throne after killing his brother King Hamlet and marrying the queen Gertrude. Prince Hamlet witnesses his father’s ghost and he learns about his uncle’s betrayal. Act 2 revolves around Hamlet’s pretense of going crazy to convince Claudius that he is mentally unstable. He reenacts the murder of King Hamlet through the performane of Murder of Gonzago. Act 3 highlights Hamlet’s attempt to spy on Claudius. Hamlet accidentally kills his lover Ophelia’s father. In Act 4, Claudius tries to execute Hamlet by sending him on a diplomatic mission. After narrowly escaping death, Hamlet returns home to find Ophelia dead. In Act 5, Claudius pits Ophelia’s brother Laertes against Hamlet in an attempt to kill him. While Hamlet and Laertes fight, Gertrude drinks the poison that was meant for Hamlet. After his mother’s death, a revenge crazed Hamlet kills Claudius. Later, Hamlet succumbs to his wounds and dies.

    Here’s some trivia about Shakespeare’s Hamlet:

    • The play has 4042 lines.
    • Hamlet, when performed in theatre, can last up to four hours.
    • It comes as a close second to Cinderella for being the story that has been adapted into films most number of times.

    Shakespeare really loved tragedies and that gets showcased through his plays such as Othello, Macbeth, and Hamlet.

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    Shakespeare’s revenge tragedy ‘Hamlet’ composed during the height of the Renaissance has captured the interest of audiences resonating in our contemporary society across the parallels of time. Hamlet’s soliloquys manifest ideologies and values which underpin the texts contextual sphere and the broader concerns of the play. It is through the underlying issues that the playwright provides an insight into the moral dilemma of his protagonist who questions the nature and inescapability of death, mortality

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    Hamlet or Laertes who will it be? Are they similar or more different? Who was killed first? Why they kill one another? Why are they mad? The similarities between Hamlet and Laertes are striking, and they deserve thorough examination.Hamlet’s character is based off of him being a protagonist, the good guy in the story. Background information is he is the Prince of Denmark, son of the Queen named Gertrude and King Old Hamlet. Also the nephew of the present King Claudius. Hamlet is really just full

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    Who is Hamlet in Hamlet?     Hamlet in Shakespeare’s tragic drama Hamlet is a problematical character indeed. But the reader who approaches this hero with the proper point of view is far ahead of the reader who doesn’t. This essay hopes to properly interpret this most memorable of Shakespeare’s characters. Louis B. Wright and Virginia A. LaMar in “Hamlet: A Man Who Thinks Before He Acts” describe precisely the perspective that a reader or viewer would find most helpful in solving the “Hamlet

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    Alan Deng AP American Literature Mr. Leung Mind Games In the play Hamlet, Hamlet mentions to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern that “Denmark’s a prison.”(Act 2 Scene 2 Line 262) Throughout the play, it is made apparent that there is no physical entity that is imprisoning Hamlet. Rather, Hamlet is mentally imprisoned by his mind. Throughout the play, Hamlet is physically free to do many things, but his mind traps him into taking action on some things and prevents him from doing other things. He does not

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    In the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, an extensive debate has been developing for hundreds of years as to whether or not the madness of Hamlet, the play's protagonist, was legitimate or simulated. Hamlet may have been sane throughout the play however it may also be true that Hamlet slipped into madness due to several different factors. Hamlet may have feigned his insanity but evidence shows that his insanity was truly authentic. Hamlet tried to feign insanity as a plan but was soon led into

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    Janelle Struble Mr. Blazek Literature IIA 3/9/14 ARISTOTLE IN HAMLET In The Dark Knight, movie begins with Batman an appreciated hero who saves the city only to fall and become the enemy of Gotham City. Similarly in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, King Claudius is introduced as the new honored king of Denmark. As the play progresses, we find out he usurped power in killing King Hamlet, which will lead to his downfall. In Aristotle’s Poetics, he believes that objects of imitation are men in

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    The Story of Hamlet in Hamlet         Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet has one outstanding character, namely the protagonist Hamlet. His character is so complex that this essay will scarcely present an adequate portrayal of his character.   John Russell Brown in “Soliloquies and Other Wordplay Let the Audience Share Some of Hamlet’s Thoughts” explains the interplay of dialogue, soliloquies and narrative in Hamlet’s role:   By any reckoning Hamlet is one of the most complex of Shakespeare’s

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    In the initial act the ghost represents Hamlet; Hamlet is being disturbed by his father's remembrance. His father is clothed in body armor which represents “war” and battle. The Ghost is an ideal building block to demonstrate the theme of Hamlet which is “Tragedy”. The Ghost informs Hamlet that Claudius (The Uncle of Hamlet) murdered Old Hamlet (Hamlets Father) which is the Ghost he's depicting. Hamlet's father’s ghost, hard-pressed him to eagerly face his families misfortune and avenge the death

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    Chime Dolkar English 1201 Shakespeare’s title character Hamlet is the protagonist of the play. He is brave and extremely analytical and indecisive. When the Ghost of Hamlet tells Prince Hamlet that his uncle Claudius is the murderer, hamlet becomes obsessed with providing his uncle’s guilt before trying to act. He tries to investigate and then only take any decision. Hence he has a very significant character of hamlet. Hamlet is a pious character who thinks that suicide is a sin. Since his