Macbeth Relevance Essay

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Good morning organisers of the “Barden Me- Revisiting Shakespeare” conference. Thank you for inviting me to discuss my perspective on the relevance of William Shakespeare works in contemporary society. In my academic opinion I believe that Shakespeare’s literary works are in fact still both significant and important in modern society. Particularly, one of his most famous play “Macbeth” undeniably demonstrates how Shakespeare’s plays are still relevant to today’s youth. Through the manipulation of the representations, theme, relationship and events portrayed throughout “Macbeth” it becomes evident that the values, attitudes and beliefs that underpin the play do relate directly to our contemporary world.

Unquestionably, Macbeth demonstrates
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During the period of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s debates about which course of action to take, it becomes evident that two rationalising strategies of persuasion arise. The reasoning: rationalising, contemplating and recognising versus the passion driven by desire is clearly evident when Macbeth states “Duncan hath borne his faculties so meek, hath been so clear in his great office, that his virtues will plead like angels.” Macbeth cannot find a legitimate reason to kill his King, in fact he considers him a good one. So, instead he is driven by a passion established in him by Lady Macbeth and the prophecy of three witches. Similarly, throughout society we see this same passion that lacks in reasoning. From Adolf Hitler, who lead mass genocides, Osama Bin laden, the face of terrorism, Vlad the third Prince of Wallacia, a vengeful patriot torturer, Idi Amin, an ethnic cleanser, Elizabeth Bathory, a blood bathing child murderer to contemporary groups in society such as ISIS. These are all example of people driven by impulsive passion. This is relevant to youth in society because in some way or form they are effected by the actions of these people. Whether that is directly through family members who were victims, perhaps in world war 2 or indirectly through the media exposing them to the reality terrorism groups such as isis
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