The Integral Necessity of Hamlet in Modern Literary Study

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Perhaps deep-seeded in the flesh that is humankind, lies a poison, villous and infected, whose venom devastates that which is humanity. Indeed, it is a serpent, reducing its victim’s soul to a pathetic shamble of indignity and wrath. Gently caressing its prey’s bones, it slithers here and there, clenching and compressing, ignoring any pleas for mercy. Gradually, it tightens, smothering and slaughtering the purity of human. Indecency plays no mind for the serpent, for it does not act from courage, but rather for authority. Truly, evil has taken the body that once was. Corruption of the mind and soul, however, does not stand unchallenged. Indeed, and quite possibly the miracle that is as equally a part of humankind, stands a fender of evil: There stands conscience. A concrete state of the mind that demands attention; conscience makes room for a moral compass, fighting the powers of inner-barbarity. Conscience may in fact be the humanizing factor, as it makes room for choice. Quite evidently, human would crumble without the freewill that is choice. It tempts us with morality and the freedom of benevolence, while reminding us of the serpent, praying patiently, waiting to strike. This curious balance of wickedness and conscience is no new concept to humankind. As creatures infatuated by our own existence, humans crave knowledge of our own reality. Consequently, countless magnificent literary pieces have been devoted to the study of actuality; most recognizably Shakespeare’s sixteenth century play Hamlet. The play cements itself as a fundamental and relevant piece of literary work in modern study because of its enticing themes, strong entertainment value and intricate characterization. At large, the play draws insight into the depths of... ... middle of paper ... ...l of the audience, exposing our inner anxieties of emotional seclusion. To summarize, Claudius, Horatio and Hamlet play the far extents of human behaviors, exemplifying intense emotion and drawing insight into human nature. In conclusion, Hamlet is undeniably the crown of indulgence into contemporary behaviors and insight into human complexities. Shakespeare’s exquisite use of theme, entertainment and characterization not only develops the intricate plot and body of the play, but also invites the audience into a realm of knowledge and understanding. Ultimately, the pursuit of knowledge is the greatest asset known to humankind. Its infinite possibilities excite the imagination and for that reason, one should value contemporary literary works. But it is important to respect and study the foundation of these pieces, for they base their content off of the classics.

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