What Will I Take With Me

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This has been a pretty thought-provoking last and final semester here at R.I.C.E. I am happy that the next journey has already begun and I am extremely grateful for how much I have absorbed. For this reflection I will focus on three major points or themes. I have been lucky enough to get two different perspectives on the details about mission work from two great teachers. Both perspectives have helped to shape my experience and redirect my thinking for the subject. While there are many things to reflect on the points I would like to discuss are centered on a few points. 1) A greater gratefulness for the work of missionaries, 2) the delusion around African Americans involvement in early mission work, 3) the dyer need in the active continued presence on the missionary field.
Over the past few months while engaged in this missions class I have come to grasp the hard work and sacrifice done by the people involved in mission work. It’s amazing to see how these great missionaries traveled to the utter most parts of the world to take the message of Jesus to the lost. I found the tasks to b...
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