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  • Baltimore

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    The beautiful city of Baltimore, Maryland, nicknamed “Charm City” is full of historical cites and landmarks. It was founded July 30, 1729, and it was named after Lord Baltimore, the first proprietary governor of the Province of Maryland1. It was founded to serve the economic needs of 18th century farmers2. The waterways in Baltimore have been a passage for ships carrying commercial cargo and new citizens since the 1600s. Baltimore became the second leading port of entry for immigrants to the United

  • Big Trouble In Little Baltimore

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    Imagine the headlines pouring out of every media orifice in America reporting on the Baltimore Quarantine Zone. News anchors everywhere bursting with giddy fear and talking about the strange and toxic dust that took hold of the City of Baltimore, confining its citizens inside of their homes while government employees clad in space-suits traverse the empty streets with digital meters in hand attempting to get a reading of the chromium levels in the air. The reporters would say that the incident could

  • Baltimore City Police Case Study

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    The Baltimore City police have faced a myriad of problems in the last year. The riots following the Freddie Gray arrest were reported around the country and created a situation where the Governor was forced to call in the National Guard to protect the city. Community leaders report that African American’s are stopped, searched and arrested at a far greater number than Caucasian’s. The Baltimore city police are at an impasse with the community at this time, it is up to the city leaders and the police

  • Baltimore and Ohio Railroad

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    chartered on February 28th 1827, by a group of Baltimore businessmen. The main objective of the railway was to ensure traffic would not be lost to the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal, which was proposed and ground broken the same time as the railroad. The new railroad was a big invention, which allowed people and freight to travel by train. This was a huge improvement for the United States, since everything was becoming more advanced in other countries. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company is the great railroad

  • 'Don T Shoot,' It's Watching Baltimore: So, Now What?

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    the riots in Baltimore. These riots, caused by a startling recent increase in police shootings, have involved prominent figures, such as Reverend Al Sharpton, religious groups-including local churches, and even average citizens to join forces to protest the disparages facing their community (Shipp, 2015). Many may believe that

  • The Baltimore Police State: Police Corruption In Baltimore, Baltimore

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    There has been several indicents that have taken place in Baltimore, Maryland that required major attention by the police, but one main event that drew the attention of the Baltimore Police Department was dealing with Sam and Earl Veney. Sam and Earl Veney robbed a liquor store in December 1964. The two black men also shot two police officers, killing one. They were caught and convicted. But the police manhunt in Baltimore for the Veney brothers became almost as infamous as their crimes. Without

  • Goal Statement - Education

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    teacher at Owings Mills High School. After working with the Baltimore City Public school system it became hard to deal with the hardship of providing so much without help from the school system. While there I worked on my masters in education at UMBS. I decided to stay in Baltimore and work in Baltimore County Public School System; even though there are some situations that need to be resolved it is much more manageable than with Baltimore City School System. Here at Owings Mills High School I mostly

  • Hairspray

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    The musical Hairspray started off as movie in 1988 written by John Waters and in 2003 was turned into Broadway show and then was re created into a movie again in 2007. Hairspray Is set in the 1960’s in Baltimore and is about a girl called Tracey Turnblad who doesn’t fit into the society social norm. Tracey is an overweight teenager trying to get her dream role to dance on the corny Collins show and the hope to meet her crush who is the popular and lead dancer Link. Tracey has to overcome being rejected

  • The Effects of Deindustrialization

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    ...lization is not a black problem or a white one, neither is it a Baltimore problem, it is currently an American problem that can be traced in part to the segregation. Works Cited Reutter, Mark. Sparrows Point: Making Steel : the Rise and Ruin of American Industrial Might. New York: Summit Books, 1988. Print. Nandi, Arijit. Deindustrialization, Socioeconomic Deprivation, and Injection Drug Use Cessation in Baltimore. 2008. Print. Cowie, Jefferson, and Joseph Heathcott. Beyond the Ruins:

  • Biography of Margaret Brent

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    1638, so they could practice their religion without penalty, with her brother Giles and her sister.(Witkowski) It takes a tough women to uproot her life on the chance that she might have a better one free of persecution. As a relation to Count Baltimore, lord proprietor of colonial Maryland, they were granted the same generous amount of land as the original Maryland settlers.(White) Margaret soon became good at business, profiting from lending money to new immigrants, importing and selling servants