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Everyone is unique, but what makes each individual unique is often hard to explain. Is it their background, their personality, their interests, the way they look at life, or a little bit of everything? It may vary from person to person, or be something completely indescribable for some, but for me it seems obvious. My large family and the values they have instilled in me is what truly makes me unique. I grew up in a town with a population of around three thousand, and the youngest of eleven children who were known for playing sports. As a result, growing up I was often looked at as just another Whitworth who was expected to be a great athlete. And, for a lot of years, I tried my hardest to fit that mold. I trained harder than I ever thought…show more content…
My family is as close as it is big, and everyday I feel lucky that some of my favorite people in the world are also my sisters. I can honestly say that I am who I am today because of my family. Through the early wake up calls from my dad when we were expected to work with him on whatever project he had in mind, I learned the value of hard work, that has helped me tremendously in my schoolwork, and will surely help me later in life as a physician assistant. From spending so much time with my sisters I have become a mixture of all of them, and I could not ask for better role models to look up to. Then, there is my mom. Words can not explain everything she has helped me with in life, or how strong of a person she is. She has never been the lovie dovie type, which explains why I am not either, but she shows her love in the ways that counts. She would go to the moon and back for any one of her kids, or honestly just anyone who needed it. From watching her all these years I like to think that I have inherited some of her amazing qualities, that are sure to help me later in life. My family has shaped me tremendously and led me to have many of the qualities that make me who I am

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