Persuasive Essay On The American Dream

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All-American Dream
The very small percentage of athletes that can make a living off of a sport that they love to do, is a very special thing. The phenomenal athletes that can make that happen are role models for children, teens, and some adults. Sports enthusiasts will quote things from the best leaders, motivators and competitors to share with their children, students, colleagues, and fellow athletes. Being a three sport athlete has given me the full experience of being around those tremendous athletes. I thoroughly enjoy playing sports, I have since I was a little boy, and sports are a huge part of my family. At all family gatherings after we eat, have fun outside, we gather around the table or the television to either talk of sports or
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The Newark Football team, for the past ten years, has been historically not very successful;however, with a change in coaching and a new mentality brought by the coaches and the players, it is all starting to come in the right direction. The players believe what the coaches say and we buy into the program and it has payed off so far. With our 2-0 start, this is the best start for a Newark football team since 2006, when we last made the playoffs. Being part of a football team is great, the players learn useful lessons about teamwork, mental strength, and how to handle adversity. The team has to work together at all times because we are only as strong as our weakest link; therefore, if one person is not on the same page, then that could result in a detrimental breakdown that could cost the team. The great thing about football, is the next play, football games are not won on a single play, it takes eleven men on the same page, firing on all…show more content…
I played soccer since I was seven, as of the last few years I played at a very high level. I have represented Ohio South two times at a regional showcase, I have been invited to participate in a camp in Manchester, England and attended the camp twice. Also last Season for the Newark High School soccer team I was named first team all league and third team all central district. Soccer was the first sport I truly loved to do, I wanted to be the best. I work hours upon hours to master whatever part of the game I wanted to improve on. Soccer has taught me to have a great work ethic, and that mentality came when I was cut from the state team the first time I tried out. It was the worst thing that has ever happened to me, I was destroyed, and I thought I was not good but I knew I could do better. The next year I worked, I got bigger, stronger, faster, my soccer I.Q. was higher;therefore, overall I was a much better player. The result of that work, was that I made the team, but not only, I made the starting line up. After that I knew I could accomplish anything I put my mind to.
Throughout my life, my work ethic, my mental strength, and the skills I have learned, are largely because of my athletic background and all of the things I have gone through with them. To be good at sports, one does not have to
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