I Love My Family Essay

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There are many things to love in life. Family and friends, pets and even hobbies can be loved. While I personally believe that love is a very strong word, I do have things I love. Please join me in learning more about myself as I explain why family and friends have a special place in my heart.
My family is a love I have. My immediate family consists of six people: my dad, mom, and three sisters and me. However, I love these people on a different scale than I love books. Whether it is a hand to guide, a tissue to wipe away tears, or simply a smile to make my day better I can count on people to love me and so, henceforth, I love them in return. I love my parents for many reasons. They are always there for me when I need help or am need of anything.
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They are there when I most need them I met Haley in school doing a sport called colorgaurd. We both loved the sport, but have taken our leave from it for different reasons. I have really gotten to know Haley through this sport. However, I just do not find myself going to her as often anymore. Seth, in particular, is a terrific friend. Seth also was involved in marching band and winterguard or indoor colorgaurd. He stuck up for me in many cases in and out of school. He also is really caring, although he does not wear his heart on his sleeve. For example, during indoor colorgaurd at a tournament in New Jersey, he ran six blocks to try and get me back before my bunk mates left with the keys to the room and in running pulled his quadriceps muscle. He did this selflessly because I was sick and nobody else seemed to care. I will always remember this memory because it showed me who he really is. A person, like Seth, who does not care what everybody else thinks about them because they are helping or socializing with another is a type of person who I love.
In conclusion, whether it be my three sisters, my parents, my boyfriend, or my friend Seth, we all deserve to be loved. The people around you are the people we should love the most because they are the people we have to interact with. If the world cannot learn to love, then we are doomed to war and famine. Love is the strongest thing in the world. I love others so they can love one another. Love is what my world revolves
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