War Of 1812 Dbq

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The year of 1812 was a significant year for Mississippi because the people played a significant role in the War of 1812. When many people think about the war, they think about the major powers in the United States fighting, but no one thinks about the part that the Mississippians played. In the war, Native Americans and Mississippi’s people fought and were affected by the war. Many people only think that the war affected Americans, British, and French soldiers, but the Native Americans were also affected by this war. The Choctaw, who were lead by Pushmataha, were an army of 135 men. This group was made up of Choctaw leaders and four groups of Choctaws. They defeated the Red Sticks on Burnt Corn Creek in December 1813. Their military…show more content…
Pushmataha and 795 of his men journeyed to Fort Montgomery and mixed with the United States soldiers. They finished the Creek war. In December of 1814, British troops went to Louisiana with the goal of capturing New Orleans to put an end to the War of 1812. About 60 Choctaw warriors joined the battle under Andrew Jackson and they held of the British from getting to the American line. The Choctaw caused over half of the casualties on the British during another small battle. The Americans won the Battle of New Orleans with a couple casualties. This ended the War of 1812. Along with the rest of the south, Mississippi was also involved in war of 1812, which started on November 3rd. Mississippi’s soldiers began to march to Baton Rouge;. General Clayborne, who was the officer of the Mississippi territory, sent a letter to Cowels Mead, speaker of the house, in compliance if the determination of the government concerning the division of Mississippi’s military in the United States. He asked the tanks of Mississippi to execute to the line up. The assembly began in January at Baton Rouge, of the first Regiment Mississippi infantry. This started in June, the soldiers marched to the Tombigbee. There was a lot of concern about the actions of the Creek Native Americans. The British army was fighting in the battles with the Creeks and took the eyes of of the Mississippi people. After the Creek war, the Mississippi military went a fought in a few more battles and peace treaties in 1814 and the war of 1812
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