The Forgotten War Essay: The War Of 1812

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The War of 1812
The war of 1812 is often referred to as the Forgotten War. This is because it is America’s least known war. Although the war of 1812 is the least known, it was also one of the most dangerous wars for America. The war lasted for two and a half years and was a conflict between the United Stated of America and the British Empire. If America lost the war, then the people would become subjects of the British again and if America won the war then it was possible that Canada could be a part of America. However, the war ended in a complicated way (Watson, 3).
Causes of the War
The war began initially began because of the conflict between Britain and France. Both countries had cut of trade with the United States to keep supplies from the enemy (, 2009). Also, France wanted America to lift the Jay Treaty so they began an unofficial war with the United States to do so. During the unofficial war America defeated three French vessels and
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When the war had begun to end neither side had really accomplished what they wanted to do during the war and neither side had gained what they wanted either. This left the war in a confusing place. In the end, the United States gave up all of their demands to end the impressment, and Britain vowed to leave Canada’s borders unchanged and also abandoned their efforts to create an Indian state in the northwest (, 2009). On December 24, 1814, the treaty of Ghent was signed and peace was to be implemented. However, on December 25th, 1814, the British attacked New Orleans and were defeated by President Andrew Jackson’s army (, 2009). Since the Americans were able to defeat the British during the attack on New Orleans, it left them with a sense of pride and victory. Although the United States did not accomplish what they wanted to throughout the war and did not receive all the demands they had asked Great Britain for, at the end of the war, Americans were left prideful and

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