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Maintaining Disney at the top level is no easy task, much time and effort was needed to develop Disney into the big corporation they are today. Since their establishment in the theme park industry, Disney has received much credit regarding their approach to the general American population. Disney’s behavior over time accurately reflect their success through their values , their innovation and their customer service. Because of this, Disney continues to improve, expand and gain more influence over other theme parks in the United States.

To begin, Disney’s Corporate values have been dominantly present in the United States since their establishment. In their media, Disney values are characterized by following a moral code to do the correct thing …show more content…

In addition, the studio itself promotes the idea of young adults. Walt Disney’s purpose was to bring the inner child in all of adults. This strategy is proven to be successful as Disney has released many influential movies throughout. For example: the movie Snow White was one of the first animated films on the media. This is something very big for Disney, as it not only attracted children because of its pictures but also the accompanying parent for the inner child to come out when watching (Wills 107). In addition, aside from their media, Disney’s corporate values towards their new ideas is something to regard. In an interview with John Skipper, the Director of ESPN, Disney was praised for their behavior towards new ideas. John states: “ Nobody is better at taking a great idea across all aspects of the company than Disney”(Skipper). This quote is true as Disney has been successful in marketing popular films. For example, the film Frozen was a major hit for Disney, as it first became a film, with that came its soundtrack, merchandise, and many more related merchandise. …show more content…

Often is heard that Disney associates with innovation. This is greatly enforced in their company as their technology greatly reflects that. “Disney is, of course, a vast conglomerate, made up of various "worlds" that stretch across this human one -- Paris, Tokyo, Orlando, Anaheim. and it does offer for our entertainment and, in many cases, education the latest technological innovations”(Telotte 2). The author of this journal reinforces the fact that Disney for the most part has used the latest technology in their park rides. For example: “As visitors queue up for the "Alien Encounter" ride at Walt Disney World, they go through a series of chambers that gradually immerses them in the context for that experience. In one they are greeted on monitors by representatives of the X-S Tech Corporation, an alien, but humanoid company that markets technological gadgetry throughout the galaxy”( Telotte 1). This would be an example of a ride that uses innovation and technology in every chamber that the ride encounters. Customers riding generally enjoy the ride, because it provides them an unforgettable experience. Another example of Disney’s innovation comes with their newly produced Magic bands. These bands allow you to do various activities throughout the park including getting food, faster lines and other activities. The innovative part of these magical bands is that they have the option to be

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