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Walt Disney was a small town boy with a dream, just like any other American. However, what separates Disney from the rest is his creativity, courage, vision, and result-oriented mindset.
First, Disney focused closely on his creativity. Disney was always known for his creative characters and stories, but how did this help him be a catalyst for change? He continued to create. Disney’s imagination never stopped and this allowed his company to prosper. Disney made made many Alice shorts, but he eventually grew bored of the combination films with real actors and animated backgrounds. His next idea was Oswald the Rabbit, which was an all animated shorts series. This series was how Disney’s name became recognized widely amongst animators, audiences, and critics. Disney did not stop there however. Steamboat Willie was created and Mickey Mouse became the iconized character to represent Disney. With the success of Steamboat Willie, this allowed the Disney company to become more financially stable, and knowing this Walt Disney’s imagination took off. This lead to Flowers and Trees which won Disney an Academy Award, the first for an animated film. His series, Silly Symphonies, and the story of the Three Little Pigs, with the use of music in the film showed Disney’s creativity was not limited. Disney went on to create many more stories and movies that would only strengthen his position as a leader in the animation world. His ideas and creations were successful to the point of imprinting a movement and change within society. Disney was now the name of family entertainment in animation films.
Throughout his life Walt Disney displayed tremendous amounts of courage. “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them,” a quote ...

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...en looked up to Disney as a creator, as an animator, as a hero. He changed the full dynamics of animation and set his company and movies right in the hearts of all its audiences. His creativity kept childrens’ imagination flourishing. His courage to continue to create and prosper allowed families to come together to watch films. His vision and goal oriented mindset showed others that if you put your mind to something, you can achieve more than you could ever imagine. Disney made a place for himself in men, women, and children altogether that proved him to be a leader. To this day Disney’s movies are still well-known for their success at the box office and in homes and stores worldwide. Even his creation of Disneyland controls the amusement park industry. Walt Disney is a catalyst for change not just in the entertainment business, but in families in their entirety.

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