Walt Disney's Impact On American History

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Walt Disney, creator of all things “happily ever after”, renowned for his work in movies and tv, is not only a famous animator and film producer, he is also a pioneer in American history by changing the lives of many through his encouraging work in movies. Walt Disney is important to the study of American history because he created movies and tv shows that taught happiness and heartbreak to children. He taught them that being small cannot hold you back from being mighty and doing the right thing. He revealed different cultures to children, and broadened their views on the world around them. In doing this, he widened global communication and the understanding of varieties of cultures and ethnicities (4).
Walt Disney founded two theme parks, …show more content…

He discovered new ways to animate films and make the quality better (2). The use of color in Disney’s movies also set a new precedent in technology. Many critics still consider his work a masterpiece (12). In today’s world, one of the most important cultural aspects to most countries is the accessibility to tv and movies (6). If people want to learn something, they can take to the television, and voila. Disney played a huge part in the task of broadening communication through his important strides in technology. Without tv, knowing what is going on in the world would be a lot harder, and without Disney’s important discoveries in animation, recreational tv would be less …show more content…

His work in modern media was revolutionary. Moreover, he broadened communication and made it easier to learn about new cultures. Disney’s movies play a vital role in children’s development and their productivity when they enter the “real world”.


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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that walt disney is important to the study of american history because he created movies and tv shows that taught happiness and heartbreak to children, and broadened their views on the world around them.
  • Explains that walt disney founded two theme parks, which recreated the cultures within the movies. the first one, disneyland, opened on july 17, 1955 in california.
  • Explains that disney's movies changed this precedent by directing his movies toward children and including animated characters who kids could relate to. his movies and characters are used in schools to help teach children about certain aspects of curriculum.
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