Views on Leadership: An Interview with a Principal

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Views on Leadership: An Interview with a Principal
Every leader brings to the table a set of beliefs, theories and practices. The leader from Dearington Elementary School, Mr. R, took time to explain what he brings to the table at his school. This is his first year as the Principal of Dearington. Previously, he was a 2nd/3rd grade teacher for 5 years at Dearington, followed with two years as an assistant principal at an elementary school in the same school system. While teaching he coached at the middle school and has done various of leadership tasks at his church. Mr. R, explained his foundations of leadership, critical issues, and effective practices.
Foundations of Leadership
Everyone can become a leader. Mr. Rule believes that your a leader no matter, but it's your choice what kind of leader you will be. Some are born to be a leader, but others, by what they interact with or grow up around, develop into being a leader. Part of his philosophy is to learn how to follow and most of all to lead like Christ. The characteristics and attitudes that are most important for effective leaders to develop are humbleness, a vision, and be relationship driven. An effective leader is willing to ask questions and be approachable. He communicates a vision to build culture. Mr. Rule quotes part of the verse Proverbs 29:18, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.....”. Relationships are important to establish; every one in your organization is a colleague. The leader sets the culture, this is how they welcome relationships. Mr. R's style of leadership is democratic. According to Peter Northouse (2012), democratic leaders treat their people with the respect that they will get their work done. He is not a micro manager, ...

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..., Mr. R has only been administrator for a short time, his focus as a developing leader is contagious. The staff in his school is receptive to his vision and his relationship-based philosophy is building the moral in the school. By completing this interview, it is notable that even though working in a secular environment, his biblical views and morals don't change but influence his behavior and decisions. There is much for Mr. R to grow in, as he confesses, but with the grace of our Lord, He has the confidence that he will receive the wisdom and direction to help him lead effectively.

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