Unethical Essay: When Integrity Is Compromised

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When Integrity is Compromised Integrity is about having morals and principles and it helps to define one’s character. When someone has integrity, they tend to stay true to their beliefs and values, they are more understanding, and they possess a sense of leadership. If you have integrity, you are honest and will always make the right choices. With it, you gain people’s trust and others know that they can rely on you. A person with integrity is more likely to move up in the workplace because their boss can see that this person is reliable and honest and will always make the right choice when it is necessary. With all of these great qualities that show integrity, some people have a tendency to compromise it. These people may have made a bad decision, or somehow been dishonest about something. Furthermore, the consequence could change their reputation for the rest of their life. Compromising one’s integrity could relate to a family member making the wrong choice, some professional cheating others out of their money, or an employee stealing from their company. For instance, if someone’s brother or sister made a bad decision that was frowned upon by the rest of the family then that person has lost their integrity by doing so. For…show more content…
The family members that choose to believe it never happened or try to convince others that it wasn’t as bad as it seems are just condoning the actions and have also lost their integrity because they truly know that he committed the crime. Family that helps with legal fees or try to get them to seek a therapist is showing integrity because they know the actions were wrong, but want this person to heal in a proper way. In this situation, integrity could be compromised not only by the one who made a bad decision, but by others that are close to this person choosing the wrong way to handle the

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