Honesty And Integrity Essay

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Honesty and integrity are very important in the medical field. We as healthcare workers are given such trust and responsibility. We should always strive to do our best and when faced with tough situations. When we don't always know what to do or the proper way to react we should always be honest. Let our superiors know what is going on and ask for advice when we need to. This would show that we are honest. When we come into contact with patients they rely on us to do the right thing and always perform our job with integrity. Often people’s lives are in our hands. We have to care about the patient and care about our job in order to continue to provide quality care. If someone hates their job they are not going to give their best in every way they can. The medical field is not a place for that person.
Beginning your career with honesty and integrity makes for a great team building skill and can help in create great relationships with your superiors and co workers. I think that honesty and integrity should be demanded in all aspects of life. It helps build character and a respectful personality. When we should that we have
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Honesty not only encourages open communication between the employer but also with the employees and their co-workers. It typically leads to effective peer team building relationships with in any organization. When workers are honest about the various aspects of their jobs good or bad and need improvement the employer can take the appropriate action and fix certain situations. Employers also have a responsibility to hold up honesty and integrity. Those employers that are open with all of their employees about company policies and changes that affect not just the organization but the employees as well are more trustworthy and tend to have a great employee consistence rate than other employers that do not practice business like
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