Analysis Of Stephen Carter The Inssufficiency Of Honesty Essay

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Lyne Myrdege Justal
Professor LeBlanc
First Year Seminar
The Insufficiency of Honesty
Based on Merriam-Webster, Integrity means to have the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. In the article “The Insufficiency of Honesty” by Stephen Carter, the author described that Integrity is a form of honesty, although honesty itself stand for something else. This is why he sees those two virtues as partly different . Carter realized this difference between complete truth and righteousness. Honesty is to tell the complete truth, but integrity is more about righteousness. Sometimes telling the truth could hurt somebody’s feelings which could be a disaster. “The truth hurts”, but having integrity means to not only be a truthful person, but one with moral values, being able to put other’s first and being able to keep promise. Equaling honesty to integrity is downgrading the great meaning behind the word as the author stated one person “may tell us quite truthfully what they believe without ever taking the time to figure out whether what they believe is good and r...
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