Travelling Advantages And Disadvantages

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The Advantages of Traveling
 For centuries man has been seeking new horizons. Traveling abroad, as well as in our native country, has many advantages. No matter how you travel, or what your destination, traveling is important because of new experiences gained and learning acquired. It is not surprising that most people enjoy traveling since this action provides them many benefits. Young travelers usually look for discovery, adventure and fun. Older travelers look for a more relaxed and pleasant trip. Traveling is revitalizing and refreshing particularly for people with stressful jobs. Traveling provides marvelous insights that enlighten our minds and it gives one the opportunity to share their happiness with family and friends (Bernier).…show more content…
Fortunately, they are extremely rare. Air travel is unquestionably the fastest way to get to ones destination. An airplane can transport a large group of individuals or freight in a short amount of time. Although many airline seats are cramped and crowded, airlines are often more comfortable than some of the other travel alternatives. The best advantage of traveling by air versus car is that there is no stopping for bath room breaks, gas fill-ups or leg stretching (“AdvantagesOfAirTravel”). Flying has made the world a smaller and more accessible place. It is also a benefit for business because it allows qualified specialists to take employment where they’re needed most. It also brings tourists to sections of the world that can greatly benefit from traveler dollars. Air travel is also one of our most treasured resources, time. If someone should happen to have a limitation on time while traveling during the holidays or on business, flying should be a preferred choice to and from your destination…show more content…
With some thoughtful planning and preparation, a family can fly without stress. In order to start your vacation in a good mood and enjoy a smooth plane trip, luggage should be packed in advance. Some airlines charge a fee for checked luggage. If luggage is packed smart and travel lightly, they will likely be able to fit their family’s luggage into one or two suitcases (“FlyingWithFamily”). A family should talk about the rules and discuss what will happen during check in and while walking through the security point so the children will know what to expect