The Airline Industry: SWOT

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The main threats to the industry over the next five years are the rise in price of oil, legislation, the TSA, and labor costs. Each of these threats effect the scheduled air transportation industry not only endangers Delta Airlines but the entire industry. As the price of labor increases for ground operations and pilots this creates a burden on the industry by causing them to spend more to satisfy their labor requirements. The price of fuel increasing leads to the price of fuel to increase, which not only affects a single airline but every airline. With each time that the crude oil price rises the prices associated with the costs of refining the jet fuel as well as transporting it. These costs are distributed to each airline as they use this resource to transport passengers. As new politicians are elected to Congress and new administrators take charge of the FAA new regulations regarding this industry. These regulations affect everything from mergers to the airspace that the airlines operate in as well as what hubs and airports each airline operates out of. These factors are not issues that the industry faces, the TSA, the Transportation Security Administration, creates an unnecessary burden for the passengers attempting to travel from one location to another. The TSA inspections required before a passenger is allowed to board their respective flights allows time for each passenger to become frustrated with the amount of time they have to allot for inspection as well as the invasion of their privacy. The main opportunities that the scheduled air transportation will have in the next five years are the possible decrease of TSA agents at airports, technology increasing the safety and comfort of the flights for the passengers and ... ... middle of paper ... .../business/management/2008-06-000aao-delta-an-anyalytical-view.html Dixit, A. (2000). Growth of discounting in the airline industry: Theory, practice, and problems. (Order No. 9978379, Georgia Institute of Technology). ProQuest Dissertations and Theses, , 330-330 p. Retrieved from (304592352). DuBois, S. (2012, February 17). The real threat facing the airlines - Fortune Management. Fortune Management Career Blog RSS. Retrieved April 29, 2014, from Tom, Y. (2009). The perennial crisis of the airline industry: Deregulation and innovation. (Order No. 3351230, The Claremont Graduate University). ProQuest Dissertations and Theses, , 662-n/a. Retrieved from (304861508).
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