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  • The Aerosmith Story

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    The Aerosmith Story Aerosmith was one of the most popular hard rock bands of the '70s, setting the style and sound of hard rock and heavy metal for the next two decades with their raunchy, bluesy swagger. The Boston-based quintet found the middle ground between the menace of the Rolling Stones and the campy, sleazy flamboyance of the New York Dolls, developing a lean, dirty riff-oriented boogie that was loose and swinging and as hard as a diamond. In the meantime, they developed a prototype

  • Troubled Times in the Right-Way Supermarket

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    Fred Ferrell and Amy Caldwell are both doing what they thing is best for Right-Way Supermarket. They are both neither completely right nor wrong. I do not agree with Mr. Ferrell’s management style but Amy was a little over eager in the way she approached him. Changes and compromises need to be made for things to work out at Right-Way between Amy and Mr. Ferrell. Mr. Ferrell seems to have traditional management style and I’m not sure I would call his motivational style motivational at all. I would

  • Changing Sides

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    On a peaceful day in Orange County there was a girl named Vanessa. She was that one girl who was always alone, barely any friends and only a mom left. She always had an aura of depression and death around her. She has seen death one to many times for her liking. She was always getting bullied by this girl. Becca. Vanessa has a fear that know one really knows about until fate decided to have a turn... Steven was having a great day he had 100% shooting in his basketball game. He always was the popular

  • Hunger Games

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    SETTING The main events of the story take place in district twelve and in the hunger games arena. District twelve is where Katnis now lives very comfortably in the victors village which is a street on one end of the district where only the winners (of the hunger games) and their families live. This is where the first major event takes place. Katnis is coming home from hunting one day and sees her mom standing in the front doorway of their house, as Katnis approaches the house her mom says “You

  • James Bryant

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    James Bryant My report will be on James Bryant, I am not related to him but by reading about him I can tell he was awesome. He was born in Wales in 1857 and when he was only five years old he left England in a emigrate ship. His mother’s name was Hannah Reese, his father was James Bryant, and he had one sister named Margaret they first arrived in New York several weeks after they left and they were in the United States of America. They continued their journey by train but were too broke and had

  • My Passions Essay

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    How do my passions impact the world? Imagine being at an interview for the job of your dreams. The beads of sweat rolling down your face and you are biting your nails nervously. Everyday thousands of people are in that position trying to take their first step to impact the world through their passions. One day I want to be in that same position, impacting the world with my passions. I have a passion for many things; all very different but all, still, very similar. Now, for its impact on the world

  • Chapter 1

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    Flakey tapped his fingers on the turret of the Tidy Maid, the lid sprang open, in rushed the rain. 'Bang!' 'Stop it,' shouted Elizabeth, Carole and Ting. All three aimed their annoyance in Flakey's direction. 'Well?' asked Carole. 'What is your response to Flakey burning out harmless appliances, is it a good thing or not? 'Harmless? Harmless appliances? Is that what you think they are,' Elizabeth was furious. 'Where were you when they brought down the big brass band tent in Middleseton?' Flakey took

  • The Blackness

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    The sun blazed across the school, dispelling all the shadows that were scattered upon the ground. A shrill whistle pierced through the air, and the fervour present in the atmosphere culminated in a loud cheer that resonated the length of the field. The long awaited house match had begun. R lay on the ground, swearing and groaning. He had barely played 5 minutes, and had received a very attractive kick to his leg, and a not so attractive one to his face. Not a pretty sight, he assumed, and immediately

  • What Is News?

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    One of main Ides in this chapter "What is News" its people study, how they characterize the news for them. For some people news means "important and interesting things that happened during the day", but without a doubt not all of them have the same view as other people believe, for some news it is a way to take their minds off their own trouble. While the journalist of this book believes that news is history in its first and best form, the expressions of the passions of the public, or the prejudices

  • Dialogue Essays: The Test

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    The Test Lucinda made it back home on that special day in time for dinner. She didn't say anything to anyone about what Ambur had given her. She hoped it was the right thing to do as she had only done it to better the lives of her and her family and to help others. She was not afraid to venture into the woods to search for gold. And Ambur said it was everywhere and that people just didn't know what they’re doing when trying to find it. But now Lucinda had the advantage. The gift. Or the curse? The