Negative Effects Of Automobile Culture

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It is easily recognizable that the automobile culture has grown substantially since the discovery of automobiles and creation of the Model T in the 1950s by Henry Ford. Automobiles have revolutionized over the years increasing in horsepower and other specs as time progressed. (James) The automobile ended rural isolation and brought urban amenities—most important, better medical care and schools—to rural America (Foner and Garraty, 1991). There would be numerous positive and negative effects behind the loss of the automobile. This is partly because we as Americans have become so accustomed to this twentieth century convenience. Every day most Americans frequently overlook the benefits of the automobile. The removal of the automobiles would…show more content…
In turn, we would have to rely on walking, bicycle, bus or train. Granted this would not be too big of an adjustment for larger areas where stores are closer together and parking is limited—such a New York where citizens walk nearly everywhere— but in a town such as Killeen, Texas all stores are extremely spread out. No longer having vehicles would require a decrease in family size, because one can only imagine the constraints and stress of having to walk or travel by bus with numerous children. Some parents currently have difficulty traveling with one child via car. Since they will no longer have this luxury, society will then adapt and have fewer kids, if any. The difficulty in carrying a baby and car seat while walking great distances is immeasurable, and toting that same car seat from bus to bus is a hassle. At one point—when cars remained extremely popular—airplane was faster yet more expensive form of travel. Yet when the United States becomes an automobile-less society this would no longer be the case. No longer could one drive an hour down the road to visit family by impulse, it would require planning for tickets and other fees. However, since plane is one of the only traveling opportunities prices surely would decrease from their once inflated

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