Transgender Bathroom Case Study

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Transgender Bathrooms and Their Consequences In 2016, Target’s decision to permit people to use whichever gender’s bathroom they associated with raised a public controversy between transgender people and conservatives. According to USA Today, Barnes and Noble, as well as Starbucks have followed Target’s example and also instituted the policy of transgender bathrooms (Malcolm, 2016). The Journal of Property Management (2016) states that some companies have suggested using signs on the bathrooms to designate which gender can use the bathroom, instead of the customary male and female figures. Referencing these figures, the Journal of Property Management states, “This signage would make it clear that one bathroom is for all who identify as female,…show more content…
When using the bathroom, some women could become anxious and frightened that men will gaze through holes in their doors. Additionally, some women desire to shelter their children from seeing other gender’s personal and private areas. This can create a discomfited situation for mothers when their children observe the opposite sex using the bathroom. According to Amanda Prestigiacomo (2016), a man in Seattle was able to gain access to a women’s public changing room, where little girls were preparing for an upcoming swim class. Mothers asked him to leave, but he refused, citing that transgender bathroom laws allowed him to use the women’s changing room. Currently, numerous restaurants and stores have a unisex or family bathroom in which a transgender can occupy if he or she feels discriminated…show more content…
These restrooms came to exist because the transgender community was feeling discriminated against. While transgenders should not feel discriminated in public places, they should examine the potential consequences of transgender bathrooms to see if they are in the best interest for the majority of the population. Forcing the majority to cater to the minority actually discriminates against the majority, by forcing the majority to perform actions something they might believe are unsafe or even unethical. Transgender bathrooms should not exist, since most stores already have unisex and family bathrooms in place. If transgenders feel discriminated against by being forced to use their genetic gender’s bathroom, then they should use the unisex bathrooms without having to create problems for the majority of
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